P.S. Some days it's more fun to dance than write.

I did become an artist and worked in advertising for a number of years. Later, I changed careers and taught middle school and high school.  That's where I discovered that all the world's problems can easily be solved by asking a teenager for the solution--something my two daughters tried to tell me for many years. Now I live in South Carolina with my husband, Don, where I spend my days writing romance, mystery and suspense.

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My Story

I always wanted to be an artist. The only time I ever thought of being a writer was when I bought my first typewriter with money I had saved from my summer job. Sitting in front of that little electronic marvel made me feel writerly--it was enough to make me wish I had taken typing instead of geometry. Can't say I've had many occasions to use the geometry, but the typing would have definitely made the writing easier. 

...from the family album

Who doesn't love a mystery?
Especially when the setting is the James Lee House, built in 1848. It was once home to the Memphis College of Art. (As a child I attended art classes there.)
My story, "An Artful Death," is one of 15 short mystery stories featured in the Malice in Memphis/Bluff City Mysteries, and I'm proud to be the illustrator for this anthology.


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Remember when you were thirteen?

​If you like short stories, check out School for Angels (above) and An Artful Death (below). Both stories feature middle school kids as the main character. Entertaining for all the family.

​​​​​​What's Next?

A new contemporary romance set in Charleston, South Carolina.