French Crossing


When Pacific Studios arrives

in this small Mississippi town 

to film a movie, they bring ​

glamour and excitement along

with greed, murder, and romance. Welcome to French Crossing.

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Nobody's Baby


"Elizabeth Smith never allows the intensity of her love story to falter."

             --RT Book Reviews

"Ms. Smith manages to elicit 

many emotions in the reader

during the course of the book."

                  -- InD'tale Magazine


Tempers sizzle and passion

ignites in the heat of the

South Carolina Low Country. 

Amanda Hamilton is about to lose everything--including her heart. 


Death hadn't passed her by--

it had simply taken a detour.

But protecting a woman was

not in Matt's plans, especially

one who had no idea who she

was and why someone was

trying to kill her.

The Sovereignty File


Following an interview with a

U.S. Senator and leading presidential candidate, a young journalist will have

cause to wonder if a killer could soon

occupy the White House.

A Dangerous ​Shade of Blue

Slow Dancing


"The random collision of two hearts and the intricate plot which forces them to remain entangled, makes for an evocative and highly modern romance."

                      --RT Book Reviews

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Elizabeth Smith Books 

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​​​​Just For One Night

A Bittersweet Bed 


Dear Readers,

Books can take you places

you've only dreamed about.

So grab a comfortable chair

and your favorite drink and

travel along with me for

stories you'll always remember. 


The Gift


"Those who delve into this

book will really come to care

for these well-written characters.

The plot is wonderfully paced..."

                           -- InD'tale Magazine